/'mi siks

message exchange
ˈmɛsɪdʒ/ ɪksˈʧeɪnʤ

a verbal, written, or recorded communication sent to or left for a recipient who cannot be contacted directly.

send a message to (someone).

The Mesyx Logo

Mesyx (/'mi siks), a contraction derived from the words message exchange, aims to be a distributed message exchange system enabling secure communication between multiple parties.

Mesyx is a message server and client in one, exposing it's client functionality through an API (REST, IMAP, etc.) for clients to consume.

The server part of Mesyx accepts messages (e.g. emails or IRC messages) and ensures that they are stored encrypted on the server using the configured public keys. Mesyx then exchanges the message store with other Mesyx instances in the clusters, forwarding details about read-status of the message or wether a client has chosen to delete the message and other message operations. The client access part of Mesyx then allows decrypting the message so that the client can display the message to the user.

There are many messaging systems in existance, and all have certain pros and cons. Mesyx attempts to relieve some of the cons that we feel are important, while building upon the pros of existing systems and enabling interaction with those systems.